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We create learning experiences that engage students

Our customized programs can be delivered in-person and online – whichever best supports your learning objectives.  Plus, we take care of all of the instructional materials, so you don’t have to.

How can Y2 help your school?

Experiential and hands-on learning increases student engagement

Student-centred approach alternates between instruction and hands-on work time, so students learn by doing and gain key skills relevant at school and in jobs: critical thinking, problem solving, writing, public speaking, teamwork, and budgeting.

Customizable online programs

We customize synchronous SHSM ICE Challenges and problem-based learning programs to meet the needs of each teacher and class. Our approach of alternating between instruction time and breakout time has helped students stay actively engaged during virtual sessions.

Design thinking training for teachers

Y2 trains teachers to bring design thinking workshops into their schools within days, not months. Teachers participate in a design thinking workshop, learn to plan their own workshops, and receive customizable training materials. Co-teaching opportunities help build in-school expertise.


Jonathan Singh

Teacher with the York Region District School Board

"Essentially, Y2’s unwavering commitment in the classroom focuses on the hallmark of critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity. Y2’s approach on learning cost me no additional work at all and I used the student pitches for an oral assessment mark! A valuable and indispensable program that I highly recommend to all educators.”


Create it. Pitch it. Own it.

Your business class can only teach you so much. This is your window into the real world. Challenge yourself, meet amazing people and surprise yourself along the way. To learn at your own pace, go online.

What's in it for you?

Find your passion
and tribe

Discover what you’re passionate about, on your own terms.

Meet new friends and pitch your ideas together, Dragon’s Den-style.

Gain skills
and a head start

Learn strategies that are used in today’s businesses and non-profits.

Use what you learned to kickstart your own business or project that solves a real-world problem.

Expand your
personal network

Network with and pick the brains of real entrepreneurs who started their own company.

Meet professionals who work in a variety of industries, including business, medicine, law, engineering, and more.


Lyn Chen

2016 Conference Alumnus

"The experience helped me become a greater risk taker. I have been able to travel to 4+ countries and meet inspiring people!"


Give your child the leading edge

Competition is fierce and it's a battle of the best idea for your child’s generation. Companies are demanding more experience, but experience is harder to obtain. Your child can start building job-relevant skills right away, online.

Why your child should be part of Y2

Develop experiences and skills

Learn critical skills such as: teamwork, creative thinking, problem solving, public speaking, storytelling and financial modelling.

Enhance their resume to maximize preparation for their post-secondary careers.

Work with industry professionals and entrepreneurs

Coaches and mentors can be references for job and school applications.

Learn real-world experiences from successful business owners.

Students can create real businesses

They can apply their new skills into managing their own summer business and learn what it takes to make their own money.

Opportunity to win prestigious awards and travel the world along the way.


Betty Pu

2015 Conference Alumnus

“This conference changed my life. Today, a little over two years after I attended the program, I have founded an award-winning tech startup, will be representing Canada at the Stanford ASES Summit in April 2017, and was accepted into Draper University (a 7-week intensive entrepreneurship program in Silicon Valley, founded by Tim Draper – a billionaire venture capitalist).”


Inspire the Next Generation

Volunteers are the beating heart of our program and a provide a tremendous impact on the students during their teenage years. Be a role model that the future leaders aspire to be and share your wealth of experience to drive change.

Why volunteer with us?

Pass on knowledge you wish you learned earlier

Don’t let the next generation spend valuable time making the same mistakes you did. Teach them sooner so they are better prepared for success.

Students will learn techniques and outcomes needed to make their own decisions.

You will inspire future leaders

You can become a role model or mentor for students looking for guidance.

Your references can be advantageous to students looking to get a competitive edge in college/university.

Expose them to real-world situations in the business world

Recount difficult situations and how you overcame them to achieve the success you have now.

Teach them more about entrepreneurship than any business textbook ever could.